Where your dog is our family



Training dogs has been my passion since I can remember. I have been working with all breeds from your tiny Chihuahua’s to your massive Great Danes. There is no better feeling then seeing the happiness on a dogs face when they realize they don’t have to be in control anymore, and that their owner is taking over. Seeing the owners being able to handle their dogs properly, and truly understand how to read them is one of the many reasons why I do what I do. I have been training dogs for almost 20 years now and I have my associates degree in Animal Care. I look forward to helping you learn how to better your relationship with your dog!


Personalized and Professional

I offer in home private lessons that are tailored to each dog and their behaviors. Do you need help with a dog that doesn’t recall, or one that jumps all over guests when they come into your home? My private lessons teach both the owner and the dog how to properly work together and form a great bond with each other.


I am now offering dog walking/exercising. If you work long hours and don’t want your dog just sitting around at home, I’m able to take him/her out for a little physical and mental exercise to help you come home to a calm and relaxed dog!


At Little River Canine Camp, your dogs will be treated like my own, and I strive to help teach you how to get the well behaved companion you’ve been looking for!




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